5 Minimalist Christmas Movie Poster Designs

The holiday season provides the perfect opportunity to wear your most outlandish Christmas jumper, indulge in too many mince pies, and of course, curl up in front of the TV to watch your favorite Christmas movies.

The Interactive Design Institute has produced some clever, minimalist posters to accompany some classic Christmas films each of which glow with a comforting sense of nostalgia. These simple interpretations reduce each movie to a one page graphic using their most instantly recognizable elements.

The imagery has been chosen to encapsulate the character, plot and atmosphere of these classic Christmas movies while injecting an element of humor along the way.

1) A Muppet Christmas Carol

Minimalist Christmas posters Muppets

This classic Christmas tale gets a Muppets makeover in the form of a blue furry Charles Dickens who hangs out with a rat. We could not have asked for more – there’s no humbug about it!

2) A Christmas Story

Minimalist Christmas posters Christmas Story

Containing one of the most cringe-worthy family presents in Christmas movie history, Ralphies’ pink bunny pajamas provide vivid evidence that there are some things truly worse than shooting your eye out.

3) Elf

Minimalist Christmas posters Elf

A more recently acclaimed Christmas classic, Elf really does make you want to treat every day like Christmas. And possibly put syrup on your spaghetti.

4) Home Alone

Minimalist Christmas posters Home Alone

The mini master of Christmas trickery, the mischievous Kevin McCallister kickstarted the 1990s with a rallying call to those who would defend their houses from the likes of Harry and Merv, with some excellent, homemade booby-trapping tips thrown in.

5) How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Minimalist Christmas posters The Grinch

Watching this timeless cartoon short from Dr. Suess is sure to make anyone’s heart grow a few sizes; even the nasty, wasty skunks or the bad bananas with greasy black peels.

– Jessica Stoddard

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