5 Steps to Building a Dynamic Personal Brand

There are some characters in the world of business who are larger than life. They’ve mastered the art of personal branding and they know exactly who they are and what makes them unique. It may feel a bit uncomfortable to think of yourself as a brand. But the truth is...

How to Modernize Your Family Business

If your small, family-owned business is struggling to keep up with the market, it might be time for an update. Balancing all sides of your business, from social media to invoicing, can be difficult. If you’re struggling with specific aspects, like say accounting or marketing, you might be burying yourself...

SEO is More Than Meta Tags!

It’s been a very long time since meta tags helped improve a sites’ search engine rankings. Unfortunately, there are still agencies today that equate optimizing meta tags with SEO (search engine optimization).

8 of the BEST Branding Development Strategies!

It’s no secret that developing a brand pays off in hard dollars. You can charge more for your product or service, build client loyalty and get new clients cheaper. In addition, a recognized brand allows you to